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When a manufacturer releases a product to consumers, they generally guarantee that the product is safe to use. However, a manufacturer defect can cause harm to a consumer, leaving them with severe injuries, medical expenses, or lost pay from being out of work. Clients who suffer as a result of a manufacturer defect should contact a product liability lawyer in Tampa, Florida.

The Hoag Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services for victims of product defects. They can investigate the case, determine what happened, and fight to hold the responsible parties liable for damages. Contact them today with questions about an upcoming product liability case and get a free case review from a product liability lawyer.

Florida Laws Regarding Product Defects

Under Florida law, manufacturers must ensure that the products they design and release to the public are safe to use and will not bring harm to consumers. In addition, Florida law also grants victims of manufacturer defects the right to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party if they can establish that any injuries from a product were caused by negligence.

Therefore, victims who were injured from a defective product or part malfunction have the right to file a claim and pursue compensation. The Hoag Law Firm can help with any manufacturer defect case. They offer legal services for all types of product liability cases such as: 

  • Design defects
  • Defects during assembly
  • Marketing or labeling flaws
  • Goods damaged in transit
  • Poor or inaccurate inspections 

Regardless of how the accident occurred or who is to blame, Florida law protects the rights of victims. The Hoag Law Firm is also committed to protecting victim’s rights and fighting for a fair settlement for injuries and other damages.

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Who is Responsible for the Accident?

Product liability cases can be complex because there may be multiple parties responsible for the accident. Negligent parties may include: 

The Manufacturer

If a product or part is defective, the manufacturer may ultimately be to blame. This can occur when the product is being made or assembled. If so, the victim may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer. 

The Designer

Manufacturers are not always responsible for designing a product. A partner company may have designed the product in such a way that makes it unsafe. If so, they may be liable for a flawed design that caused the accident. 

Inadequate Safety Warning

In product liability cases involving an inadequate warning, there may be multiple liable parties that range from the manufacturer or designers to an inspector, marketing team, or even the retailer. All companies in the supply chain that are associated with the product are responsible for making sure it is safe and marketed appropriately. As such, they may share in the blame when an accident occurs.

Damages in a Product Liability Lawsuit

In a personal injury case, the victim may be entitled to recover economic and non-economic damages. What the case is worth depends on the extent of the losses, as well as how the accident occurred. Victims may be able to the following: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability/dismemberment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of joy of life 

Florida follows a pure comparative negligence rule which provides that if you, as the consumer, are partially at fault for an accident, you may still file a lawsuit. However, any damages recovered will be reduced in proportion to your fault. So for example, if it’s determined that you are 25% liable for the accident and you receive $100,000 in damages then the amount you are rewarded would be reduced to $75,000.

An experienced attorney can calculate the damages based on the actual losses. The Hoag Law Firm is committed to fighting for the maximum compensation possible based on the extent of the victim’s losses.

Product Liability Attorney in Tampa, Florida

When a manufacturer or another company makes a mistake, a consumer should not have to pay. Contact The Hoag Law Firm today for legal representation. Get a free case assessment from a product liability lawyer in Tampa, Florida.  The law firm also serves clients in St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Clearwater, and Land O’ Lakes.