Personal Injuries Attorney in St Petersburg, Florida

Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Personal injury law firms are well-equipped to handle all cases of injuries that result from someone else’s mistake. These injuries can be road accidents, cases of medical negligence, falls, industrial accidents, wrongful death or property damages. Some examples of personal injury cases are:

Types of damages for personal injury cases

The compensation or damages as they are called in legal terms can be either compensatory or punitive.

Compensatory damages

  • Compensatory damages can be general or special. General damages include compensations for pain, mental or physical trauma or any loss.
  • Special compensatory damages include compensations for any expenses that might incur due to the injury suffered. These could be money awarded for medical expenses; income loss or any other expense due to injuries.
  • Compensatory damages are also considered in wrongful death cases and these could be for any loss of income because of that death, funeral expenses and loss of support or emotional trauma.

Punitive damages

  • When the defendant’s behavior is deemed objectionable or disgraceful the plaintiff may be rewarded punitive damages.
  • These damages could be compensation due to fraud or physical or sexual assault.

Benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm

There are several advantages of hiring a personal lawyer in case you have experienced injury or damages as a result of someone else’s negligence.

  • Personal injury lawyers are trained and experienced in handling all cases of negligence and in dealing with the insurance company that might be handling the case of the person who caused the injury. Your lawyer can explain to you all legalities involved in the process of getting your claims for your injuries or damages.
  • Insurance companies fight the cases against personal injuries because they want to settle for as less amount of money as they can or settle not at all. The job of your personal injury lawyer is to make sure you get the highest amount of compensation possible.
  • In cases where the compensation amount can’t be agreed upon by both the plaintiff and the insurance company or cases where settlement amount is not reached; the personal injury law firm goes to trial to obtain the same for their clients.
  • The role of a personal injury lawyer doesn’t end with the damages awarded. The defendant might be unwilling to or unable to pay the amount of damages. Your lawyer can then make sure you get the amount awarded to you by looking into defendant’s assets or seek any further action against the defendant.

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