Debt Collector Obscene Calls Attorney in St Petersburg, Florida

Debt collectors are legally prohibited from harassing or oppressing you when they contact you by phone or mail. Repetitious phone calls they make that are intended to annoy or abuse you when you answer the phone are in strict defiance of the law. Here are just a few illegalities to look out for when contacted by debt collectors of creditors:

  • The use of obscene or offensive language
  • Threats to you of any violence or any type of harm
  • Advertising the lists of people who are refusing to pay their debts
  • Calling you on the phone at late hours without telling you who they are
  • Posing as a lawyer

If you believe you are being harassed by a debt collector, then you can submit your complaint to the CFPB online or by phone. You may also notify your state Attorney General. You can also prevent being harassed by a debt collector by contacting a debt collection harassment attorney who specializes in this field. They will contact the debt collector by phone or certified mail. After this happens, you should not receive any more calls from the harassing debt collector. If you do, then notify your attorney that the problem is still happening.

A debt collection harassment attorney can help you sue the debt collector for the violations of the FDCPA. If you sue them and win, then the debt collector must pay all of your attorney’s fees and will also have to pay you for the damages they have caused. Debt collectors cannot and should never use false or deceptive practices. This may include any misrepresentation of your alleged debt. Here are some things they often lie about:

  • The amount of the debt that is owed
  • False threats of arrest for your unpaid bill
  • Saying they will do things that they cannot legally do

It is critical that you tell your lawyer about the dates and times you were contacted, and that you keep notes about what you and the debt collector discussed. These records will certainly help you when you have a dispute with the debt collector, when you meet with your debt collection harassment attorney, or in the event that you go to trial. A debt collection harassment attorney can send letters to respond to a debt collector who is harassing you.

Debt collectors’ calls that are continuously harassing you may cause stress for you and your family. This stress can be prevented when you contact an experienced debt collection harassment attorney. Your attorney will ensure that the debt collector will cease their harassment.

A professional debt collection harassment attorney is licensed and certified and will represent you to the full extent. Hoag Law Firm can stop collection calls, threats, harassment, and more. The next time an obscene debt collector tries to ruin your day, just tell them that your debt collection harassment attorney will be contacting them shortly and then hang up the phone.