Debt Collection Harassment Attorney in St Petersburg, Florida

Are you being harassed by debt collectors or creditors? If so, you are not alone; thousands of Americans endure debt collection harassment each day. What many of them do not realize, however, is that the practices employed by many debt collectors and creditors are often illegal, and can be put to a stop with the help of a dedicated and experienced debt collection harassment attorney.

There are a number of laws in place to protect you from these intrusive and distressing tactics. Unfortunately, for every individual who takes legal action to stop the harassment, there are many more who are unaware of the options that lie before them. It is your choice to be one of the few who seeks to stop the harassment and secure compensation for any damages, stress, anxiety, and loss of income that may have occurred as a result of the incessant illegal hounding of debt collectors and creditors.

The good news here is that you are not in this fight alone. Hoag Law Firm knows how troubling and damaging these illegal practices can be and, more importantly, they know how to put a stop to them. The moment that you feel a line has been crossed, it is in your best interest to reach out to Hoag Law Firm by phone or complete your online Free Case Evaluation to take matters in your own hands and get back to living a life free of harassment and unneeded stress.

What Can Hoag Law Firm Do to Stop your Debt Collection Harassment?

If you are currently being harassed by debt collectors or creditors, then you know how persistent they can be. It is important to consider that they go after people like you day in and day out, and they do so to make a profit. They are trained and experienced in pressuring and responding to their targets but have little recourse once a debt collection harassment attorney gets involved.

In fact, debt collectors and creditors are legally obligated to communicate solely with your attorney once you have announced their representation. Your attorney may even send a cease and desist letter to discontinue all harassment against you. Any further direct contact with you would only help build your case against your debt collector, and potentially help you secure punitive compensation for your harassment. Your attorney can also request validation and a detailed audit of your alleged debt. Furthermore, they can send a letter to contest the debt. In many cases, this alone will result in collectors discontinuing their pursuit. In the case that your harassment continues at this point, you and your attorney can decide to file a lawsuit.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Hoag Law Firm can help you look out for the illegal tactics employed by debt collectors, but it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the more frequent legal violations, scams, and forms of harassment that you may have been a victim of. A number of state and federal laws are in place to protect you against the very harassment that you may currently be facing. There is a list of examples of behavior that may constitute harassment. Just some of the items on that list are as follows:

  • multiple daily phone calls,
  • calls to neighbors, family members, and acquaintances,
  • calls on sequential days,
  • telling lies and dishonest or misleading comments,
  • contacting alleged debtors via their social media,
  • calls to the workplace
  • demeaning or embarrassing the alleged debtor in language or tone,
  • and many more.
  • Your debt collectors may also be threatening you in an illegal manner. These can include:
  • threatening the repossession of cars, homes, and other property,
  • the threat of an arrest, jail time, or other legal action,
  • financial threats such as potentially damaging credit
  • and more.

How Else Can I Fight Back?

Apart from harassment, there are also a number of other ways in which debt collectors and creditors can break the law against you. One legality that collectors must follow is to send a written notice which details the exact amount of debt owed and a notification for a 30 day period of dispute.

In some instances, debt collectors misrepresent the actual amount of debt owed. They may try to illegally raise interest rates, falsify late fees, and tag-on additional costs such as attorney fees and penalties. Your attorney can challenge the legality of any of these claims and put a halt to all unwarranted calls for payment.

An experienced debt collection harassment attorney will be able to identify all other cases in which a collector or creditor has broken the law or acted outside of protocol. Once you dispute a debt, for instance, your collectors will have 30 days to secure written verification and validation as to the amount of debt and the identity of the recipient. If a collector directly contacts the alleged debtor or tries in any way to collect the alleged debt without mailing aforementioned verification and validation, along with documented evidence, they may be violating your rights.

How Can this Be Made Right?

If it turns out that you have been a victim of debt collection harassment, it is your right to seek compensation for all damages incurred during the ordeal. The Fair Debt Collections Practice Act sets a precedent for the awarding of statutory damages in harassment cases. Those breaking its provisions may have to pay you up to $1500 in damages per phone call, depending on the specifics of the harassment. The Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act extends these provisions to creditors as well as debt collectors.

Thanks to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, even automated calls from collectors to alleged debtors’ cell phones can be compensated with as much as $1,500 call. So, if you have been receiving persistent automated calls to your cell phone, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation.

You may also be able to sue for “actual damages,” which may consist of any expenses you had to incur during your harassment and response, as well as physical and emotional damages. They may include public embarrassment or humiliation resulting from your harassment, and the anxiety and subsequent health issues such as chest pain, shock, and major physical change that may occur.

Do Not Wait

Now that you know your rights and how much Hoag Law Firm can help end your harassment and help you seek the compensation that you deserve, all that is left to do is to act. Take control of your debt collection harassment, and put an end to your troubles. Seek the compensation that you deserve. Hoag Law Firm can help you put an end to this. Call or complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced Tampa debt collection harassment attorney at your side, you can recover the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.