Insurance Claims Attorney in St Petersburg, Florida

Why Would I Need an Insurance Claims Lawyer?

In an ideal world you could expect your insurance provider to act in good faith to honor your insurance claim’s validity, but then again, this is not an ideal world. Insurance disputes typically surface when insurance companies deny valid claims of insurance policyholders without providing a legitimate explanation for their actions. Insurance companies may delay the claims procedure, deny claims altogether without reasonable explanations or offer unfair settlements, breaking the agreement either way.

The truth is that insurance companies make bigger profits when their policyholders fail or forget to file claims or collect insurance. Also, some insurance providers are accustomed to habitually denying claims filed by policyholders, irrespective of whether or not it is legitimate. The only thing that makes them investigate the policyholders’ claim is if some legal action is imposed.

Bad Faith and Unfair Insurance Claim Denials

Unfair or bad faith insurance claims include:

  • Unreasonable delays in investigating or responding to claims
  • Unreasonable interpretations or explanations of the insurance policy’s terms
  • Denial of claim on unjust grounds
  • Unreasonable offers of settlement
  • Careless claims investigation
  • Unreasonable requests posed to claimant to deter/delay the process

What Does an Insurance Claims Attorney Do?

The best way to deal with cases of unfair or bad faith claims is to leave it to the professionals. Insurance claims attorneys have experience in dealing with a number of cases where companies deny policyholders of their rightful payment using one reason or the other. An insurance claims attorney will make sure your insurance claims are addressed to compensate the corresponding lost wages, medical bills, property damage, injury or others. Insurance claims attorneys understand that denying or not furnishing the claims on purpose are illegal. When you enrolled for insurance, you did so to put your finances and future in good hands. But a bad faith claim defeats the whole purpose of insurance. An insurance claims attorney can work with you to ensure that you receive the due insurance payments for which you have been sending out insurance premiums consistently for months or years now.

An attorney will ensure that you don’t just settle for what has been offered by the insurance company and receive what is rightfully yours as per the terms of the insurance agreement. An attorney will prove that the insurance company neglected or disregarded its duties, and failed to investigate/pay the claims, so you receive fair, equitable, prompt settlement in accordance with the policy.

Hopefully, you will never be in a position in which you need the legal services of a lawyer that specializes in Sinkhole Claims, but in the event that you do, please give Hoag Law Firm a call at or complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced attorney at your side, you can recover the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.