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Insurance Claims

You buy insurance hoping you won’t need it, but wanting it when you do. Insurance companies sell insurance betting you won’t need it. Plus, insurance companies have stockholders that they are responsible to. Most insurance companies are honest. However, you may find a company that does not want to pay legitimate insurance claims. If this happens to you, you may need an attorney to advocate for you.

Legitimate Claims

Your policy lists what is covered and what is not. In Florida, for instance, hurricane damage might be excluded unless you purchase a separate policy. Health insurance might deny certain treatments. Take the time to understand what you have purchased, what is covered, and the monetary limits. The insurance company will provide you with a declarations page. If it is not listed on that page, you are not covered.

If your damage is excluded, there is nothing the insurance company can do.

You should communicate in writing and in person with your insurer. Be polite, yet assertive, and provide the insurer with all reports and requested documentation. Document the damage and keep copies of all bills.

Once you file a claim, the insurance company investigates the damage and makes a decision. These need to be done in a timely manner. If they do not, you may have a case for bad faith.

Bad Faith

If you have experienced any of the following, you may have a case for a bad faith claim against the insurance company.

  • Unreasonable requests of the claimant designed to interfere with claim
  • Lack of communication
  • Unreasonable delays when investigating/responding to claims
  • Careless claims investigation
  • Unreasonable explanations/interpretations of the policy terms
  • Denial of claim on unjust grounds
  • Unreasonable offers of settlement

When to Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney

If the insurance company appears to act in bad faith, consider hiring an insurance lawyer. You are always welcome to submit a free case evaluation to Brian Hoag if you feel your insurance company is acting in bad faith. You may be eligible for up to three times the insurance benefit amount plus interest, attorney fees and costs, punitive damages, and more.

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