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How a Debt Collector Harassment Attorney Can Help You

girl frustrated by collection harassmentA financial crisis in life can happen at any time, such as losing a job or not being able to make payments on time – or any payments at all – on your debt, and this is what can lead to you receiving troubling harassment from debt collectors. Your best course of action is always to respond quickly. If you are having trouble paying your debt, then you can contact lender and explain the situation to them, and you may inquire about a special payment plan. In many cases the lender will be happy to help you with a loan modification, and provide you with the opportunity to make payments on the loan.

When the lender makes the decision to turn over the debt account to a debt collection company or creditor for less than the amount of the loan you owe, however, then this is when the trouble begins and you may receive harassment and threatening calls.

Fortunately, the law does offer you some solid legal protection against the lenders and the rude debt collectors trying to collect the money that allegedly owe. By contacting a debt collector harassment attorney, you can take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Some collectors or lenders have the will to lie and threaten you by saying they plan on taking your home or your working wages to collect the debt. Your working wages can be deducted to only pay debts that are related to only a court order for child support, federal or state back taxes, and federal student loans. Debt collectors cannot and are not allowed by law to deduct your working wages to repay your debt. You will need to notify your debt collector harassment attorney, and they will take care of the lies you are being told by the collector.

If you are being harassed, abused, or if the collector tries to use fraudulent debt collection practices to get you to pay, then you will want them to stop any and all further contact with you by notifying the collector in writing. A debt collector harassment attorney can do this for you. Keeping a copy of the letter and sending the original letter to the debt collector by certified mail is a good way to do this.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act dictates that no collector can:

  • Make phone calls to your work
  • Make phone calls to you anywhere before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night
  • Use rude or obscene measures in collecting your debt
  • displaying any threatening or harassing conduct towards you

The Consumer Reporting Agency will also accept your complaints. They will provide you a form to fill out online. On the form they will ask if you have an attorney. You should provide them the name of your debt collector harassment attorney. They will contact your attorney to ask a few questions. You will be protected against a harassing collector. Don’t let the collector fool you, they know the law too, and if they do not, your debt collector harassment attorney will educate them on debt collection laws for your state.