Were You Hurt On a Construction Site? A Construction Accident Attorney Can Help You

If you work in the construction industry, you are undoubtedly aware of how dangerous a construction is, even when safely maintained. The presence of heavy machinery and tools can lead to serious personal injuries as well as fatal accidents. If you have gotten hurt on a construction site, it is common to feel overwhelmed about what steps to take next. Many people feel that contacting a construction accident attorney in Tampa, Florida is intimidating, but actually, the attorney is not only there to help you with your case, but to also help you feel comfortable through a sometimes lengthy and confusing legal process.

Most Common Construction Site Injuries

There is a wide range of possible accidents that can happen on a construction site, many of which can result in lifelong effects. If you have been the victim of a construction site accident, in addition to your worker’s compensation benefits, you may be eligible to file a claim against a liable third party. Some of the most common construction site injuries that may require you to seek the assistance of a construction accident attorney Tampa, Florida includes:

  • Head injuries. Even though you are required to wear a hard hat while on the construction site, you could still be at risk of a head injury. A heavy impact can cause a concussion, brain trauma and other long-term effects, even possible death.
  • Burns. There are a number of serious chemicals used on construction sites, which may cause severe burns. Chemical burns can be extremely painful, slow healing and may require surgery, such as a skin graft.
  • Severe wounds/gashes. Because of the industrial tools you use on a construction site, serious wounds and gashes routinely happen. These deep wounds can lead to a serious infection, which can cause serious health problems, if the infection is left untreated.
  • Loss of a limb-losing. A limb is one of the traumatic accidents that can occur on construction sites. Unfortunately, this type of accidents occurs more frequently than it should. Injuries, such as losing a limb can end the career of many people whose work depends on their full physical functions.

What to do After an Injury on a Construction Site

If you are injured while working on a construction site, the first and most important thing to do, is to immediately seek medical attention for your injuries. Even if the injuries do not seem to bad, they may develop into something more serious later on. Once your injuries have been medically addressed, contact a construction accident attorney in Tampa, Florida. The sooner you contact a personal injury lawyer, the easier it will be for the attorney to gather the required evidence as well as easier to preserve the evidence on the construction site.

Why Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

A construction accident attorney in Tampa, Florida will have experience in third-party construction accident claims. The attorney will be able to investigate your case to determine if you are eligible to file a claim for your injuries and the attorney will be able to estimate the approximate values of your potential personal injury claim. When filing a personal injury claim, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Any wages that you may have lost as a result of the accident
  • Your medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any future income/wages that you will lose as a result of your injuries

A construction accident attorney in Tampa, Florida will guide you through the legal process, address your concerns and answer all of your questions. The most important thing you need to do is focus on your recovery from the accident, your attorney will tackle the legal aspect of your case, including filing all documents and negotiating with the insurance companies.

Hopefully, you will never be in a position in which you need the legal services of a construction accident attorney Tampa, but in the event that you do, please give Hoag Law Firm a call at or complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced attorney at your side, you can recover the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.

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