Under what Circumstances would I need a Wrongful Death Attorney in Tampa Florida?

As per Florida laws, wrongful death is when a person dies due to the negligence of another. This can be an intentional act or a reckless action or a malpractice. In Tampa, Florida, wrongful death causes can be automobile accidents (car, truck, motorcycle) boat accidents, jet-ski accidents, medical malpractices, workplace accidents and deaths resulting from defective drugs or any other defective product.

If a member of your family has died in Tampa, Florida because of negligent action of another then you have the legal right to file a wrongful death case in court. For this, you may need to hire a wrongful death attorney Tampa. The lawyer will help establish in court that the death of your family member was a wrongful death.

These types of cases are referred to as civil action as claimant is filing the lawsuit for monetary compensation.

What does the law say?

The Florida Wrongful Death Act was enacted so that families could recover the losses brought about due to the wrongful death of a family member. As per the law the decedent’s spouse, children parents, dependent blood relatives and dependent adoptive siblings can file a lawsuit for wrongful death.

The statute of limitations or the time period to file a wrongful death case in Florida court is two years from the date of wrongful death.

What are the wrongful death damages?

You need to hire a wrongful death attorney so that you can ask for compensation that is the right of the aforementioned family members. The damages may be medical expenses incurred while the injured was under treatment due to the negligence of another, funeral expenses and loss of income resulting from the death of the family member. The damages may be also asked for emotional suffering caused by the wrongful death, companionship loss and loss of parental supervision for minor children.

Your wrongful death attorney Tampa will evaluate the amount of damages to arrive at the right compensation amount to seek in court. The attorney may also hire the services of experts such as economists or financial or medical experts to arrive at the figure. The lawyer may then retain these experts to offer their testimonies about the damages, the damages amount and the type of damages.

In what other ways a wrongful death attorney can help?

Apart from helping you file the wrongful death lawsuit in time, arriving at the value of the damages and compensation and retaining experts for their testimonies as mentioned above, a wrongful death attorney can guide you through the entire process of the case. These attorneys have the expertise to deal with wrongful death cases and fight your case with their knowledge and experience about such cases.

In wrongful death lawsuits, the insurance company or the negligent parties against whom you are filing the lawsuit will not give in to your demands for compensation easily. This is where your wrongful death attorney will make sure you get the damages that you deserve from the negligent parties.

Hopefully, you will never be in a position in which you need the legal services of a wrongful death attorney Tampa, but in the event that you do, please give Hoag Law Firm a call or complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced attorney at your side, you can recover the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.

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