Tampa Workboat Accident

Florida has many people who work on or around boats and ships. Most of these employees have special protections under the law. If you’re injured in a Tampa workboat accident, contact an attorney like Brian Hoag. He understands maritime law and can defend your rights.

Seafarers and Workboats

Anyone who works on a vessel or contributes to the mission is a seafarer. However, the seafarer must spend at least 30% on a vessel or fleet of vessels under navigation. Under navigation includes anchored, docked or dry-docked vessels, except for those undergoing major renovation.

Like passengers, seafarers have rights and have additional protections. Seafarers are wards of the admiralty. Sea work has always been dangerous. Seafarers are vulnerable to sea related perils, foreign travel and ship masters.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act covers maritime commerce in U.S. waters and between U.S. ports. It also provides compensation for work-related injuries due to negligence and for wrongful death. The Jones Act allows for jury trials to determine fault. It allows a fairly low bar for the assignment of fault.


The sea offers many challenges. Bad weather, poor decisions by captains or owners, dangerous cargo, specialized equipment, and lack of training can lead to horrific accidents. If you’ve been injured in a Tampa workboat accident, give me a call. You have additional rights as a seafarer and I will help you protect them.

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