Tampa Pedestrian Injuries

Walking is great exercise, saves wear and tear on your car, and for some people, is their only way to get around. Unfortunately, walking can be very dangerous. In Florida in 2015, there were 9,085 pedestrian/vehicle crashes. Almost 8,000 caused pedestrian injuries, and killed 632 people. But you don’t have to be hit by a vehicle to suffer a serious injury. Sometimes it is poor sidewalk maintenance or dangerous sidewalk conditions that cause injury. For more on premises liability, please click here. In this blog, we’ll focus on vehicle injuries.

Florida Law for Pedestrian Injuries

A pedestrian/car accident occurs between a pedestrian (walker, jogger, etc.) and a vehicle. Since Florida law considers bicycles to be vehicles, you can also be in a pedestrian/bicycle crash. The law takes into consideration the actions of both the pedestrian and the vehicle operator. If you have been injured in a pedestrian/vehicle accident, you should contact a lawyer like Brian Hoag. Your future may depend on it.

Types of Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrian/vehicle accidents are generally divided into three types.

  • Crosswalk: These occur when a pedestrian is legally within a crosswalk, and a vehicle fails to give right of way.
  • Parking Lot or Back-Over: These generally occur where cars are backing out of parking spaces and hit a pedestrian.
  • Loss of Control: Generally, a driver loses control and hits a pedestrian on a sidewalk or parking lot. These types of accidents can have horrific outcomes as the victim can be pinned under or between vehicles.

Distracted drivers or pedestrians often cause pedestrian/vehicle accidents. In addition, pedestrian/vehicle crashes become hit and run accidents.

Types of Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian/vehicle crashes can have devastating outcomes for victims. The injuries can be catastrophic. For more on catastrophic accidents, please click here.

Generally, injuries include:

  • Legs, hips, and feet
  • Head, face, and neck, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Arms, hands, and shoulders
  • Pelvis, including loss of pregnancy or fertility
  • Chest and torso, including severe injuries to heart and lungs

Any one of these injuries can change your life forever. You don’t need the frustration of working your way through insurance paperwork, and legal and medical systems alone. You may also require someone who can help you from insurance to criminal trials. Brian Hoag is an expert in dealing with insurance companies and the legal system. Your initial consolation is always free.

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