Tampa Area Sinkhole Alley

We live in a section of Florida known un-fondly as Sinkhole Alley. If you live in Hernando, Hillsborough or Pasco Counties, your property is at increased risk to develop a Tampa area sinkhole. If you are dealing with sinkholes and insurance companies, you should consult with an attorney who knows about your rights.

What is a Tampa Area Sinkhole?

Florida’s substructure is made of limestone covered with a thin layer of sand and clay. As rains percolates through to the limestone, it naturally dissolves the limestone and leaves behind caves and cavities. While the process is great to explore in caves like Mammoth Cave, it’s not very good when one forms under your home.

When you add buildings, roads and other human structures over this fragile surface, sinkholes form. Another issue is improper backfilling when pipes are positioned under roads. Farmers can add to the problem by pumping warm water underground to prevent freezing, especially in January, February, May and June.

Tampa Area Sinkhole Causes and Signs

There are four different types of sinkholes. These include:

  • Cover-Collapse — Water gradually dissolves limestone near the surface
  • Cover-Subsidence — Sand, soil, or clay fills underground cavities and then the filling falls
  • Limestone-Collapse — A limestone ceiling cavity collapses
  • Limestone-Solution — High-water table conditions erode limestone

Some sinkholes form and collapse rapidly. Other give warning signs. The signs that can precede a sinkhole include:

  • Trees, fenceposts, and other objects slump or slant
  • Land subsides around fence posts, foundations, etc.
  • Small areas, usually circular, of vegetation dries out or dies
  • Doors and windows stop closing or won’t stay closed
  • Pools of water form where it hasn’t been before
  • Foundations, driveways, porches, ceilings, walls, or floors crack
  • Loud, unexpected noises as your house begins to pull apart
  • Well water changes from clear to cloudy

If you notice any of these signs, you should call a professional for assessment. Search for sinkhole assessment professionals on the Internet.


Sinkholes and Insurance Companies

If your property has developed a sinkhole, especially one that causesproperty damages, you will need to contact your insurance company. If your insurance company doesn’t seem to be acting in good faith, you should seriously contact a lawyer who has experience in dealing with insurance companies.


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