Premises Liability and Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured on someone else’s property, you may have a premise liability case. Premises liability are the most common cases that personal injury attorneys handle. Injuries occur on private property (owned or rented), a business, and in some cases, government property.

Visitors and Trespassers

In Florida, there are several categories of people who are on property.

You are an invitee if you were specifically asked to enter the property. For home owners, these are usually friends and relatives. A public invitee is on public land. A business invitee is engaged in business with the property owner. These can include retail, restaurant and business concerns. The landlord may be liable if you are injured on rental property. The land owner has a duty of reasonable care to maintain safe conditions. Invitees have to most legal protection.

A licensee is legally on the property but are there for their own purposes. These generally include salespersons.

Trespassers are not legal on the property. In general, the landowner does not owe a duty of care to the trespasser, with one exemption. This exception is if the trespasser is a child. The Florida Attractive Nuisance Doctrine holds landowners liable if something on the land attracts a child’s curiosity. These include swimming pools, hot tubs, and old appliances.

Duty of Care

Property owners must protect invitees. Homeowners and landlords must inspect and repair dangerous conditions or warn invitees about them. A business owner must do the same, although warning signs are acceptable while making arraignments for repairs/clean up.

Licensees must be warned, but the property owner is not required to inspect or immediately fix the conditions.

A property owner cannot make property more dangerous or set traps for trespassers. The property owner is not required to fix conditions or warn trespassers about the condition. Again, trespassing children are a special category.

Premises Injuries

Premise injuries fall into broad categories. The following are some of the more common causes of injuries:

  • Slip and fall (from poorly maintained conditions)
  • Snow and ice accidents (not common in Florida, but they do happen sometimes)
  • Inadequate maintenance or defective conditions, including water leaks
  • Inadequate building security leading to injury or assault (including lighting and parking lot conditions)
  • Elevator, stairwell, and escalator accidents
  • Dog bites and other animal caused injuries
  • Swimming pool or hot tub accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Fires
  • Toxic fumes or chemicals

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, contact a personal injury attorney. You have rights and the personal injury attorney will protect those rights.

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