How to Identify Debt Collection Harassment

A financial hardship can happen to anyone. Once they do occur the last thing that anyone wants is someone calling them to advise them of a bill they are unable to pay. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stop a debt collector from doing their job. However, debt collectors are not permitted to harass you or violate your rights in any way. Here are some tips on identifying debt collection harassment. 

What Is Debt Collection Harassment? 

Many people believe that harassing phone calls from debt collectors are when a collector calls your home and informs you of a past due bill. The collector calling to inform you of the debt does not qualify as harassment. It is their job to seek out the funds that are owed to their company, even if you feel that there is no need to be reminded of a debt that you are aware of.

Harassing behavior for a debt collector would be if they continue to call your phone repeatedly just to annoy you. Collectors cannot call your home before 8:00 am in the morning or after 9:00 pm at night. If they do call before or after those times they will be in violation of the debt collector harassment laws.

Laws That Debt Collectors Must Abide By 

Debt collectors must abide by the debt collector harassment laws, known as the FDCPA. FDCPA is an acronym that means Fair Debt Collection Practices Administration. This law governs how debt collectors are permitted to collect funds from debtors. It was originally passed in 1997, and amended in 1996 to adhere to modern day standards.

Per this law, debt collectors are given a time frame that they can call to collect a debt. The law also states the way that a debt collector must speak with a customer, and how harassing phone calls from debt collectors are not permitted. Collectors that violate any portion of the law will receive a fine on their person, and the company they are employed by will also be fined heavily.

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