Filing Tampa Area Insurance Claims

An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer. You make payments to cover valuable items like homes, cars and health while the insurance company accepts the money, expecting not to have to pay out. They have stock holders who expect them to make money. When large Tampa area insurance claims occur, the insurance company may not want to pay out. And some insurance companies have a reputation for not honoring their policies.

Submitting Tampa Area Insurance Claims 

When you submit a claim, your insurance company will investigate the incident. While they are investigating, you should communicate in a

timely manner. Make sure you provide all the reports and information they need. Once they have investigated, you should get your benefits promptly. This is “good faith.”

In order to understand the insurance company’s efforts at good faith, you need to understand your policy. Study the declarations page. It will show the dollar limits for each category. You’ll also find the endorsements and riders. If your damage is excluded, there is nothing the insurance company can do.

If the insurance company does not honor the policy or acts badly toward you, you may have a case for a “bad faith” claim.

The following are bad faith actions:

  • Unreasonable requests of the claimant designed to interfere with claim – they will need some reports and sometimes they get misplaced. However, this may become ridiculous.
  • Unreasonable delays when investigating/responding to claims – you should expect reasonably fast service.
  • Unreasonable explanations/interpretations of the policy terms – nit-picking or creative interpretations.
  • Denial of claim on unjust grounds – one favorite tactic is claiming that the policy holder did not pay their premiums.
  • Unreasonable offers of settlement – offering less than the face value of the policy.
  • Careless claims investigation
  • Lack of communication

Demonstrating Good Faith

Communicate in writing and in person with your insurer. Be polite, yet assertive, and provide the insurer with all reports and requested documentation.

When to Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney

If you are getting frustrated or the insurance company appears to act in bad faith, consider hiring an insurance lawyer. With Brian Hoag, your initial review is always free. He will advise you about your options.

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