Dealing with Debt Collector Harassment 2

You are not alone in being in debt. Many people, find themselves in this position, whether falling behind on credit card payments, car purchase loans, medical bills or student fees. You surely have every intention of paying your lender back but difficult circumstances have resulted in you falling so far behind that the Debt Collection Agency comes calling.

Of course your creditors have a right to pursue the monies owed to them. But what debt collectors are certainly not permitted to do is to harass you in the process. Unfortunately, as Debt Collection Harassment Lawyers report, many people find themselves subject to abuse, intimidation, coercion and browbeating. And it may not even be your debt – you may have just had the misfortune to be the victim of identity theft or to share the same name as a debtor.

Debt Collector Harassment Attorneys are only too familiar with stories of unlawful techniques employed by debt collectors. No other industry receives such a high level of complaints about unethical and illegal practice, over 80,000 per year at the most recent count.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) maintains a code of conduct for Debt Collectors. Debt Collector Harassment Lawyers will react on behalf of debtors to any abuses of the FDCPA.

You may have been unfortunate enough to experience violations such as:

  • repeated phone calls
  • physical intimidation
  • abusive or racist language
  • sharing or publishing information relating to your debt
  • repeated letters or emails
  • contact with relatives or neighbors
  • threats of criminal prosecution
  • use of automated telephone calls.

Having debts should not make you vulnerable to stressful, threatening and demeaning treatment. You can, should the harassment become too much for you to handle, take your case to Debt Collector Harassment Attorneys.

You have your rights and need not permit the abuse to continue. If you believe you are being harassed, you can take action to stop it now.

Hopefully, you will never be in a position in which you need the legal services of a Tampa lawyer that specializes in debt collection harassment, but in the event that you do, please give Hoag Law Firm a call or complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced attorney at your side, you can recover the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.

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