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Auto accidents occur every day – even to the most careful of drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that over 3 million people in the United States are injured in auto accidents each year. These injuries can vary significantly based upon the specific circumstances of the incident, but some injuries are more common than others. Minor auto accident injuries can be resolved in a matter of days, but more serious injuries can result in permanent physical disability. No matter the severity of the injury, a Tampa car accident lawyer can be greatly beneficial to your case.

Common Car Accident Injuries – Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Car injuries generally fall into two broad categories: impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries usually occur when part of a person’s body collides with the interior of the car. Penetrating injuries are cuts, scrapes, or any other injury that is penetrative in nature and are typically caused by shattered glass or other loose objects thrown around by the force of impact.

Soft Tissue Injuries

A soft tissue injury is any damage caused to the tendons, muscles, or ligaments of the body and is the most common form of auto accident injury. Whiplash is a common type of soft tissue injury and is caused by the sudden stretching of the muscles or ligaments of the head or neck.

Head Injuries

An unexpected stop or other change in momentum can cause the vehicle occupants’ heads to suddenly and unnaturally move, which can cause numerous injuries, such as whiplash. However, impact with a window, steering wheel, or other part of the car’s interior can cause injury to the head itself, such as cuts, scrapes, or bruising. Closed head injuries occur when fluid and/or tissue inside the head are injured due to impact or other sudden movements.

Chest Injuries

Most chest injuries consist of bruises, broken ribs, or other internal injuries. Chest injuries are commonly caused by the steering wheel, which is typically placed just in front of the driver and may cause injury when the driver is thrown forward from an impact. Seatbelts may also cause chest injuries in more severe accidents.

Arm or Leg Injuries

Like other injuries, the force exerted during an auto accident can lead to injury of the arms or legs. The constricting nature of most car interiors leaves little room for movement, which can lead to arm or leg injuries during an accident. Some arm and leg injuries may take the form of minor scrapes or bruises, but more severe injuries such as sprains or breaks may occur as a result of a car accident.

Cuts and Scrapes

During a collision, loose objects kept inside the car quickly become projectiles that can lead to injury. The impact may also shatter glass from the vehicle’s window, which could then be thrown around the interior of the vehicle. These flying objects can easily cause various lacerations, which can vary in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to deep gashes or worse. Minor cuts and scrapes are easily treatable, but a more severe laceration can result in a substantial loss of blood.

Legal Representation — Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Not every injury is immediately apparent. An injury could be noticed immediately, after a few days or weeks, or even after a few months. If you have been involved in an accident, you should seek medical help if you experience any sort of indication of injury. You should also seek a Tampa personal injury attorney in order to explore any potential legal options.

Hopefully, you will never be in a position in which you need the legal services of a Tampa car accident lawyer, but in the event that you do, please give Hoag Law Firm a call r complete your online Free Case Evaluation. A free consultation from an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights. With honest advice and an experienced personal injury attorney in Tampa at your side, you can recover from a car accident with the largest possible settlement and get back to living your life.

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